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Wedding Rental Supplies

Lotus Production Wedding and Event Rentals is a full-service product and accessories provider for Weddings and parties and events. We provide and help design beautiful Wedding venue surroundings with luxurious linens, dramatic lighting, fresh flowers decor, tables, chairs, beautiful place settings,personalized arches and much more. Our service area is Virginia, Maryland,Washington D.C and Delaware area.

If you would like to book us for your rental needs we have a minimum of $1,800
or you will need to book us for catering so we could accomodate your rental needs.
36" Round 4'x30" Banquet
48" Round 6'x30" Banquet
60" Round 8'x30" Banque
72"Round Serpentine
30" Round Cocktail 6'x30" Children's
36" Round Cocktail 8'x30" Children's
Black Folding Mohagany Padded
Blue Folding Gold Chivari w/ Cushion
White Stacking White Chivari w/ Cushion
White Wedding Padded Silver Chivari w/ Cushion
Black Resin Padded Children's Stacking
Black Comfort Back
54"x54" 108" Round
72"x72" 120" Round
90"x90" 132" Round
60"xl20" 13' Skirting
90"xl32" Napkins 20"x20"
90"xl56" Chair Cover
90" Round and 96" Round Chair Sash
Standard Collection Available in 57 Colors
Additional Patterns Available: Pintuck, Crush, Spandex, Poly Stripe Satin, Bengaline, Organza, Damask and More...
Ivory Gold Band White European
White Platinum Band Black European
White Imperial Gold Band
Chateau Stainless Vanessa Silver-Plated
Seneca Silver-Plated
Martini Rocks 4 oz
Beer Mug Footed Hi Ball
Irish Coffee Mug Footed Tumbler
Margarita Presidential 11 oz
Brandy Snifter All Purpose 12 oz
Champagne Saucer Water Goblet
Champagne Tulip Punch Cup
Champagne Flute Wine Carafe
Wine 8.5 oz Glass Pitcher
Wine 12 oz Glass Ashtray
Wine 16 oz Salt & Pepper Shakers
Hi Ball Plastic Water Pitcher
Stainless Silver
3 Qt Round Two Tone 3 Qt Round
6 Qt Oval Two Tone 8 Qt Round
8 Qt Roll Top Two Tone 8 Qt Rectangular
8 Qt Rectangular
Sterno Sold Separately
Silver Stainless
6" Revere 5 Gallon Punch Bowl
8" Revere Plastic
10" Revere 12" Pebbled
5 Gallon Punch Bowl 18" Pebbled
24" Pebbled
5 Gallon Stainless
Kneeling Benches Empire Column 72"
Guest Register Stand Wedding Arch - Athens
Red Carpet 25' Dance Floor
Red Carpet 50' 3'x3' Oak Parquet
Lattice Flower Stand 3'x3' Black
Empire Column 30" 3'x3' White
Empire Column 42" LED Dance Floor Light
4'x4' Section Black Carpeting (Sq Ft)
Steps Ramps & Rails
Available 8", 15",24", 30" Height
Lectern with Sound PA System
Lectern (No Sound) Bull Horn
Pipe& Drape Clothing Rack
Stanchion Trash Can 35 Gallon
Velvet Rope Trash Can 5 Gallon
Easel White Picket Fencing 8'x3'
Grill 5' Charcoal Sheet Pans
Cambro, Single Ice Chest 165 q
Cambro, Quad Carving Station
5 gallon Hot/Cold Container Lexan Tub
6' Hot Box (Crescor) Crab Pot Burner
*Comes with 10 Sheet Pans
Cotton Candy Machine USA 15'xlS' 40'x70'
Cotton Candy Floss (50-70) Tents 15'x25'
Cotton Candy Sticks Sizes - Call For Pricing 15'x55'
Snow Cone Machine 10'xlO' 10'x20' 20'x30'
Snow Cone Syrup 10'x40' 10'xSO' 20'x60'
Snow Cone Pump 15'xlS1 30'x40'
Snow Cone Cups 15'x45' 30'x70'
Popcorn Machine 20'x20' 40'x50'
Corn and Oil Packs 20'x50' 40'x80'
Popcorn Bags SO'xSO' 60'x60' 60'x80'
Aqua 15'xlS' 30'x60' 60'xl20' 60'xl40'
Sports 15'xlS' 40'x40' *'Larger Sizes Available
Sidewalls Hanging Chandelier Subfloor
Clear (per foot) Dixie Lights (per foot) Fans (Pedestal)
Solid White (per foot) Dimmer Switch Fan (Pole Mounted)
Cathedral (per foot) Spot Lights Barrels (Tent Anchor)
Mesh (per foot) "Colored Gels Available" Barrel Covers
Lighting Other Accessories Generator
Track Lights (3 lights) Astroturf (sqft) Tent Liner (sq ft)
80,000 BTU Heater 15'x35' etc 170,000 BTU Heater
20'x40' etc Mushroom Patio Heater 30'xSO1 etc
Air Conditioning 40'x60' etc *Propane Sold Separately
60'xlOO1 etc 10'x30' etc

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Our services will incur a 2.5% delivery charge and 22.5% Service Charge.
Minimum invoice amount should be $5500. Some of the pictures presented on this page are sample pictures to demonstrate the kind of work we do and might be subject to copyright protection