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Persian Menu


Hummus, Eggplant, Smoked Salmon, Chicken teriyaki, Beef teriyaki, kashke bademjoon, Masto khiyar, Jumbo shrimp w/ cocktail sauce, kookoo sabzi, dolmeh, Cheez with crackers....


Shirazi, Garden Salad, Chicken Salad, caesar salad, season salad, olivieh salad, Shirazi Salad, Green Salad


Ghormeh Sabzi, Fesenjan, Bademjan, Loobia karafs , beef stroganoff, jigo, turkey,fried fish, rosted whole lamb, steamed vegetables.....

Kabob Chenjeh: Charbroiled beef tenderloin Kabob Koobideh: Charbroiled ground beef
Chicken Kabob: Charbroiled marinated chicken tenderloin Chicken Koobideh: Charbroiled ground chicken
Basmati Rice: White basmati rice with saffron Zereshk Polo: White basmati rice topped with sauted Barberry served with chicken
Baghali Polo: White rice with fresh Fava beans and dill served with your choice of lamb shank or chicken Sabzi Polo: White rice with fresh herbs
Loobia Polo: White rice with green beans and cube beef in tomato sauce Shirin Polo: White rice with candied orange peel and shredded carrots and almonds


Wedding Cake, Mini Pastries, Fruits, cream caramel, jello,persian ice cream, shole zard, coffee and tea

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