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Wedding Articles and Advice

1) Wedding Flowers Checklist

Make sure you organize all of your flowers with this Wedding flowers checklist:

Bouquets :             Bride, Maid of Honour, Bridesmaids, Flower girls, Bride's Toss Bouquet.

Hair Flowers :       Bride, Maid of Honour, Bridesmaids, Flower girls, Junior Bridesmaids.

Buttonholes :        Best Man, Groom, Father of Bride, Ushers, Father of Groom.

Mothers :               Purse/Handbag decoration flowers, corsage (lapel or wrist),Arm Bouquet.

Ceremony :           Altar, Pews, Main Entrance.

Reception :           Head table, Centrepieces for guest tables, staircase railing, Buffet Tables, Cake Table.

2) Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

Anyone who is going through the process of planning a Wedding will understand just how important it is to get every little detail spot-on. Getting the right Wedding venue is one of the first choices that couples tend to make and it is also one of the most important. If you opt for the wrong location it can end up spoiling your whole day. Here we look at a few important factors to consider before you make your final venue choice.

Guest numbers and size :

Before you start looking at Wedding venues it is important to first work out how many guests you plan to invite. This should include both how many will need seating for the Wedding reception meal and those that will be attending the evening celebrations. If you hire somewhere that is too small then there is a chance that guests can feel cramped. Conversely, an area that is too large for the number of guests can have a negative impact on the atmosphere and mean that the party never really gets going.

Venue setting :

Once your big day is over you will want to remember it in the best light and your Wedding photographs will provide a lasting memory. Obviously you want these photographs to be as amazing as they can be and the backdrop plays a large part in achieving this goal. It is therefore important to look for venues that have a beautiful gardens and grounds. You may even want to look beyond the hotel grounds and investigate as to whether there are some areas of natural beauty nearby that can provide a good location for some shots.

Quality of service :

A common complaint from married couples is that they did not have the venue to themselves on their big day. Many hotels will allow more than one Wedding to be held at the venue on the same date, which can mean that the level of service is not as high as expected. In addition there is always the chance that the brides could bump into each other at some point; not ideal when each wants to feel the centre of attention.

Wedding service

A convenient location :

Considering the location of your venue options in relation to your invited guests is another important factor. Some of your guests may be faced with a long trip across the country or even have to fly in from abroad to share your Wedding day. If you have a lot of guests that will be faced with a long journey then look for somewhere that has good travel links and also offers overnight accommodation.

Catering capabilities :

The final thing that you should take a little time to consider when choosing your venue is the quality of the food provided. The Wedding feast and the evening buffet are always a hot topic of conversation for guests and go a long way to providing them with an enjoyable day. Make sure you do a little research into the food offered at each venue; there are a few pointers to look out for. Firstly a more exotic menu choice usually indicates that the head chef is both experienced and capable. Secondly find out where the kitchen sources its ingredients; local produce is more likely to be fresh and tasty.

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